York flags

York flags

Where can I Buy & Sell York Flags.


Yorkstone online will buy all types of new and reclaimed york flags, we only buy genuine york paving stone and will not pay for imported sandstone products.

sell your yorkstone paving flags here

Yorkstone online are an online stone trading company and we are interested in purchasing all types of reclaimed stone materials. We can sell your york flags for you and we will take a commission, that way you are getting a good price for your materials and the customer is happy not to be paying reclamation yard and garden center prices!

If you want to “sell your “york flags” you need to follow three simple steps;


  1. Measure each flag individually and make sure you have squared any broken York flagstones up.
  2. Make sure the flags are free of paint and oil and place them on a pallet ready for collection.
  3. Give Yorkstone Online a call – You will receive cash for your stone flags upon collection

In some cases we may not be able to sell your york flags but we will always make an effort to offer you a good price.


For more information on selling your york flags please contact us now on 01428 288 295